Automotive and manufacturing have lots of inventory and stock that are used throughout the production process.
Inventory like tools, spare parts, equipment, fasteners, raw materials, etc. bind a lot of capital and consume a lot of space in the facility. SupplyPoint machines help in establishing inventory control over these items that ensure the right items are at the right place, easy to access, and are monitored throughout.
  • Manage both production and non-production stocks effectively
  • Deploy just in time approach
  • Reduce walk and wait times
  • Achieve cost and process efficiency
  • Track and reorder system
Case Studies
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Read our Case Studies to know how SupplyPoint has helped businesses save costs.
Read our Case Studies
Automotive and manufacturing inventory at SupplyPoint
Why manage your automotive and manufacturing inventory?
Effective inventory management in the automotive and manufacturing sector ensures a significant reduction in development, production, and logistics times in order to offer the shortest possible time to the market along with several cost-cutting opportunities.
  • Fully Automated Stock Dispensing System
  • Real-time stock reporting
  • Unique dispensing only after identification
  • Driving accountability and reduce loss and damage
  • Improve visibility of your stock and ensure 24/7 availability
Automotive inventory management ensures that everyday processes are optimized and labor efficiencies, cost reductions and timely deliveries are increased.

Case Studies