SupplyPoint supports the government's cost-saving initiatives through the deployment of our intelligent inventory management solutions.
This is achieved through approved pan-government collaborative Framework agreements for use by public sector bodies.
  • Manage Electrical, Plumbing and Building supplies services
  • 24/7 availability of the product
  • Manage items essential for immediate emergency usage
  • Re-stock fast-moving products
  • Real-time stock reporting
Case Studies
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Read our Case Studies
Ministry of Housing at SupplyPoint
Why manage your emergency repair equipment?
Local government associations like housing and accommodation are often facing cost-cutting targets whilst having to enhance efficiency in services. Whilst also making sure the entire process of fixing and maintaining the facility for the tenant is timely. This can be achieved by having repair inventory at hand but just the right amount so that no stock is left unused or hoarded for no reason and reduce unnecessary ad-hoc procurement of expensive inefficient repeat purchase orders. SupplyPoint point of use machines adhere to these critical KPIs and give ample scope to save both time and money.
  • 'First in First Out' shelving approach
  • Items are dispensed automatically by the machine
  • Drive accountability to reduce loss and damage
  • Improve visibility and process efficiency
  • Reduce waste by establishing per item withdrawal limits
SupplyPoint vending machines have exceed challenging KPI demands of leading housing leading local government housing associations.

Case Studies