Industrial Manufacturing

Inventory management in the industrial sector is meant to save costs and reduce wastes to achieve efficiency.
MRO, PPE, and Cutting tools are fast-moving industries with high and low-value items. Our solutions support these items and provide you with real-time visibility of your inventory.
  • Manage cutting tools, devices, small parts, pneumatics, PPE etc.
  • Advance Tracking & Traceability
  • Reduce service downtimes and upkeep
  • Centralized storage and fully configurable systems
  • Increased accountability through access by indentification only
Case Studies
We understand one size doesn't fit all. We create custom solutions for businesses and their individual asset management needs.

Read our Case Studies to know how SupplyPoint has helped businesses save costs.
Read our Case Studies
Industrial Manufcaturing Plant at SupplyPoint
Why manage your raw materials and other manufacturing inventory?
Effective inventory management helps you maintain an optimum amount of inventory that is critical in the production process. When inventory is managed properly, a lot of walk and wait times can be saved to achieve uninterrupted production at the minimum cost.
  • Just in Time Approach
  • Access through identification only drives accountability
  • Achieve high visibility for your inventory
  • Items are identified and dispensed automatically
  • In-depth analytics and software integration for reporting
In the manufacturing industry, many production challenges can be overcome by establishing proper inventory control alone.

Case Studies