Laboratory & Medical

Lab and medical equipment vending is essentially about having better control of the inventory at your medical facility.
Items like reagents, tips, sample trays, pipettes, PPE, and other lab supplies need managing. SupplyPoint vending machines are known to be highly configurable and flexible in terms of their capacities, especially for the healthcare industry.
  • Get better control on your costs
  • Automated dispensing of items and devices
  • On-site storage and inventory optimization
  • Helps in regulatory compliance
  • Increased accountability through access by indentification only
Case Studies
We understand one size doesn't fit all. We create custom solutions for businesses and their individual asset management needs.

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Read our Case Studies
A Lab worker accessing IT assets in a Lab at SupplyPoint
Why manage your lab and medical equipment through vending?
Critical lab inventory has very strong regulatory policies in terms of its usage, be it the timeframe within which it should be used or how it should be disposed of after use. Not to forget the loss that can be incurred by holding too much or too little stock. With SupplyPoint vending machines, you can track the entire lifecycle that ensures everything is used as per the protocols.
  • 'First in First Out' shelving approach
  • Real-time stock reporting
  • Drive accountability and reduce loss and damage
  • Limits on item withdrawal can be configured
  • Items can be identified and dispensed automatically
SupplyPoint lab equipment vending or biotech vending solutions offer high scope to improve overall stock usage and disposal.

Case Studies