Process Industries

In process industries, a lot of cash is tied up in inventory and stock used for the finished product.
Understanding the role of different inventory in production and its performance by tracking the usage throughout the process, gives a better decision making about which inventory is worth stocking and distinguishing it from the dead or slow-moving inventory so that it can be minimized. In this manner, a lot of resources that get wasted otherwise can be optimized.
  • Complete inventory control from purchase through usage to disposal
  • Deploy just in time approach
  • Machine act as a gatekeeper for all your supplies
  • Low inventory holding cost and increased effciency
  • Increased accountability through access by indentification only
Case Studies
We understand one size doesn't fit all. We create custom solutions for businesses and their individual asset management needs.

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Read our Case Studies
Process and production inventory at SupplyPoint
Why manage your process and production inventory?
Inventory in process industries has a direct impact on profits. Big industries have millions stuck in raw materials and other inventory that it includes in the finished product. Understanding how much inventory they have on hand and knowing what parts it needs for upcoming projects allow them to maintain adequate stock levels or plan ahead in expectation of increasing demand or the rising cost of supplies.
  • Increase visibility on each of your materials
  • Real-time stock reporting
  • In-depth analytics and software integration for reporting
  • Centralized storage and fully configurable systems
  • Reduce waste and increase process effciency
SupplyPoint vending machines have helped several process industries gain a competitive edge through inventory management alone.

Case Studies