Rail asset management is supporting the maintenance and operations of railways.
It ensures that the process and tools are optimized to achieve maximum availability when they are needed whilst saving costs. Rail maintenance tools and small machines like drills saw, grinders, and more are needed frequently for the day-to-day upkeep of the rail network. This is why it is imperative to keep the equipment safe and in good working order. Maintenance itself is fairly expensive, and it becomes more expensive to replace the failing equipment frequently. SupplyPoint automated vending machines are great to store rail maintenance tools as they provide various benefits.
  • Manage cutting tools, communication devices, small parts, pneumatics etc.
  • Advance Tracking & Traceability
  • Reduce service downtimes and upkeep
  • Low inventory holding cost and high effciency
  • Track and reorder system
Case Studies
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Read our Case Studies
Two railway employees conducting rail maintenance tools and equipment at SupplyPoint
Why manage your rail maintenance tools and equipment?
Reliability is the key to running a successful transport service like railway. If the equipment or tools used in railway maintenance are unreliable or unavailable, the entire functioning of the railway is put at risk. Efficient rail asset management will keep track of its performance, by this means, ensuring that problems are eliminated before it's too late.
  • Monitor and track asset usage
  • Real-time stock reporting
  • Unique dispensing only after identification
  • Drive accountability to reduce loss and damage
  • Centralized storage and fully configurable systems
Lowering the overall cost and gaining a competitive edge in the rail parts and asset management