Clear Front Locker

The Clear Front Locker provides an economic inventory access solution for low cost, ideal for bulky or heavy items or as a buffer stock location working in conjunction with other SupplyPoint products. Each locker consists of three vertical stacks, each of which can be configured with 3, 6, or 9 electronically controlled clear front cupboards.

What is Clear Front Locker?

Simply put, Clear Front Locker is a electronically controlled clear front locker cupboard with transparent doors.

What are the benefits?

7 Benefits

How does it work?

All items are easily located by pop open doors for quick and intuitive access when stored in the locker. There are 3 different size locker doors available that allow the control of a range of large or bulky items.

What can you store and manage within a Clear Front Locker?

You can store various electronic and IT assets devices, such as; pagers, scanners, phones, smart watches, wrist computers, tablets and much more! It can be configured in large facilities using these devices or offices.


Is it a suitable inventory management solution for your industry?

The best application of Clear Front Lockers is in Asset Management industries, Logistics & SupplyChain, Government Establishments and Offices.

Please get in touch with our experts to know how it can drive value to your business and get a bespoke quote.


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