Ideal for managing low-cost, high-volume items, like fasteners along with large bulky items. The ECTC utilizes the advanced SupplyPoint Lite software which includes a powerful reporting suite that allows companies to keep track of who, what, when, why and how many of the items are held within the ECTC.

What is ECTC?

The ECTC is an Electronically Controlled Tool Cabinet that is an ideal entry-level and low-cost inventory management solution providing security to drawer level.

What are the benefits?

7 Benefits

How does it work?

You can use ECTC as a standalone smart storage device depending on the items or configure it with other SupplyPoint inventory vending machines to accommodate larger items as well. The drawers within the ECTC can be configured to provide a selection of different compartments. Up to 22 dividers per drawer. It can also be expanded by adding additional ECTC cabinets.

The ECTC is managed using the powerful SupplyPoint LITE* software, which provides control over who has access to the items within the cabinet.

What can you store and manage within a ECTC?

You can store low-value, high-volume items, like fasteners along with large bulky items. Items like various types of fasteners, inserts, power tools, bulky items, gauges, testers, welding tools etc.

Please note that the ECTC has many configurations and options in addition to the above.

If you have an inventory item that needs smart storage and proper management and is not listed here, please get in touch to know if we can accommodate them in this low-cost solution.

Is it a suitable inventory management software for your industry?

ECTC can be used within various industries like Aerospace, Asset Management, Automotive, Medical, MRO and many more.

Please get in touch with our experts to know how it can drive value to your business and get a bespoke quote.


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