EndPoint Management


A cloud-based security, compliance and support service for Windows PCs, running SupplyPoint vending machines.

Why use EndPoint Management?

  • Peace of mind security
  • Protection against viruses, malware and ransomware
  • Latest Microsoft patches to reduce OS vulnerabilities
  • Stabilization of OS through patching
  • Dedicated SupplyPoint PC Endpoint Management Support Team
  • Integrated with SupplyPoint Support model
  • Issues handled directly by techs trained on SupplyPoint software and equipment
  • No external coordination required for OS patching
  • No personnel (with overhead) cost to distributor/end-user
  • Remote Support Tool can be utilized by distributor
  • Potential to enable future services
  • OS upgrade etc.


EndPoint Management

For more information on the EndPoint management, please feel free to download the spec sheet below.

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