EndPoint Management

OS patching Anti-Virus

Collect patches and evaluate severity and
viability. Test patches locally at SupplyPoint

On-Demand Remote Control

TeamViewer and Two factor authentication

Asset Tracking

Track hardware components and installed software on PC.
Link PC information with machine information
EndPoint Management

Proactive Monitoring and Alerting

Monitor critical processes (multiple times daily)

Dashboard/Control Panel

Reporting and easy access to remote control tool


A cloud-based security, compliance and support service for Windows PCs, running SupplyPoint vending machines.

Why use EndPoint Management?

  • Peace of mind security
  • Protection against viruses, malware and ransomware
  • Latest Microsoft patches to reduce OS vulnerabilities
  • Stabilization of OS through patching
  • Dedicated SupplyPoint PC Endpoint Management Support Team
  • Integrated with SupplyPoint Support model
  • Issues handled directly by techs trained on SupplyPoint software and equipment
  • No external coordination required for OS patching
  • No personnel (with overhead) cost to distributor/end-user
  • Remote Support Tool can be utilized by distributor
  • Potential to enable future services
  • OS upgrade etc.


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