Ideally suited for the storage of large items, while also having the ability to manage smaller items, SupplyPoint’s Locker products offer a flexible and low-cost inventory management solution.

Product Overview

Available in steel-front models, which maximize security, or clear-front models, which prioritize visibility, up to ten Locker frames can be joined together for up to 270 compartments. Lockers can be converted into charging stations using UL/CE certified power options.

LockerSense combines the storage capacity of the medium SupplyPoint Locker with a high-resolution scale, allowing you to track the movement of items as small as 0.5 grams or as large as 8 kilograms.

LockerFlex increases the versatility of the Locker frame by adding removable shelves, allowing for the creation of custom locker sizes with heights that combine up to nine smaller Locker compartments.

Using the VendTel User Interface, the SupplyPoint’s Locker units can stand alone, join with other Locker units, or join in installations mixed in with other SupplyPoint Vending Machines to serve your inventory control needs.


UNIT HEIGHT79.92 in / 2030 mm
UNIT DEPTH19.68 in / 500 mm
UNIT WIDTH43.03 in / 1093 mm