Items are automatically counted, based on their weight

The weight-based detection of the quantity withdrawn/restocked results in faster transaction times, minimized human errors and correct inventory counts.

Individually locked compartments

Individually locked compartments allow for the setup of access restrictions per item type and prevent accidental mixing of different items on a weighing scale.

Stainless steel weigh pad

The stainless steel weigh pad, covering the majority of the compartment surface, is robust, resistant to oil or grease stains and allows for maximum flexibility when storing items.
LockerSense - Locker with weigh scale

Tare supported

Additional bins can be put on the weigh pads to hold items. The weight of the bin can be zeroed-out allowing for an accurate inventory count.

Illuminated Compartments

All compartments are LED illuminated, allowing full visibility of the items within the locker.

High scale sensitivity

Items weighing as low as 5g/0.18oz are accurately detected by the weighing scales, resulting in precise quantity counts also for lightweight items.

Why LockerSense for inventory management?

The LockerSense is designed to keep items secure without the need to scan each item. Simply identify yourself, take what you need and let the scale do all the work - it’s the new way for fast and accurate inventory.
  • Enhanced with 6, 12 and 18 weighing locations
  • Fast transaction
  • Accurate piece count control
  • User accountability
  • Easy to replenish

What is LockerSense?

Lockersense is a new locker system with a clear front and new weight sense technology.

How does it work?

You can use small, medium, and large size locker compartments. The scales are currently available in medium compartments only. However, it can be specified with a mixture of different size lockers to provide between 9 and 27 secure locations in a single frame.

Up to 10 frames can be connected providing up to 270 secure locations in a single system.

What can you store and manage within a LockerSense?

You can store a Minimum individual weight of 5g with the maximum total weight of all items in one compartment of 8kg. 

Is it a suitable inventory management solution for your industry?

The best application of Clear Front Lockers is in Asset Management industries, Logistics & SupplyChain, MRO, Automotive and many more.

Please get in touch with our experts to know how it can drive value to your business and get a bespoke quote.