With scales in its compartments, LockerSense allows you to track items by weight, taking any guesswork out of managing weighable inventory.


LockerSense can accurately measure items weighing as little as 5 grams, making the management of small, high-volume inventory items quick and easy.

With a scale capacity of 8 kilograms, LockerSense can also be used to track heavier, high-turnover items such as leather gloves or cleansuits.

Automated notifications keep you informed when there is an issue that threatens the accuracy of the scales, such as an overload, or a reading that takes the scales out of service.

Using the VendTel User Interface, LockerSense can stand alone, join with other LockerSense units, or join in installations mixed in with other SupplyPoint vending machines to serve your inventory control needs.

LockerSense - Locker with weigh scale
UNIT HEIGHT79.92 / 2030 mm
UNIT DEPTH19.68 in / 500 mm
UNIT WIDTHUp to 43.03 in / 1093 mm

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