Our upgraded portable device for store management - ‘MiScan’ operates in conjunction with our inventory management software. MiScan conveniently manages distributed, manned and unmanaged stores under a single centralised control solution. MiScan can be used as an independent solution or part of our intelligent inventory hardware systems.

What is MiScan ?

 wireless portable device that can be carried around in the store to keep track of your inventory.

How does it work?

Lightweight and robust. MiScan is IP54 rated for use in dirty environments and supplied with a docking station for storage, recharging and data synchronisation. MiScan has an easy to use touchscreen with a clear and simple interface satisfying all your core stock management activities.

What can you scan and manage using a MiScan?

You can scan and manage bulky items that are often too difficult to manage within a store.


Is it a suitable inventory management solution for your industry?

The best application of MiScan is in the Aerospace and Automobile industries.

Please get in touch with our experts to know how it can drive value to your business and get a bespoke quote.

Tablet scanner and printer
  • Manage your stores easily
  • Accurate stock level and usage information
  • Control of all your inventory, in multiple locations
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimised inventory levels


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