ModuloGen2 incorporates industry-leading and award-winning technology by SupplyPoint to provide a higher capacity machine at a very competitive cost.

 What is ModuloGen2?

ModuloGen2 is a high capacity multi drawer system with an “Easy Scoop” design of compartments in a drawer that ensures a smooth retrieval of contents.

What are the benefits?

7 Benefits

How does it work?

ModuloGen2 can be configured to provide different size drawers and compartments. Up to 10 ModuloGen2 frames/machines can be connected.

What can you store and manage within a ModuloGen2?

You can store various high-volume low-value items like inserts, drills, batteries, and PPE. 

Is it a suitable inventory management solution for your industry?

Since multiple drawers can be selected in one transaction minimizing the time required to manage large volumes of stock, ModuloGen2 can be best applied for use in MRO, Supplychain, Manufacturing, Automotive industries and more.

Please get in touch with our experts to know how it can drive value to your business and get a bespoke quote.

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