Low to high volume

The ROTOPOINT is available in 9 variations providing a wide choice of locations up to a maximum of 702 locations in a single unit.


Ideal for PPE, MRO, and Metal Cutting applications. Multiple compartments can be used to manage large volumes of stock efficiently.


The ROTOPOINT can be expanded up to 10 units per system to provide up to 7,020 secure locations managed and controlled by our powerful intelligent software.
Rotopoint 13 Hatch


The majority of compartments in the ROTOPOINT are hidden from view (a rotation window is available) behind sturdy sliding doors and can withstand vigorous operation.

Manual override

ROTOPOINT has a simple manual override facility which allows access to the contents in case of computer failure.

Reconfigurable compartments

The 36 column can be reconfigured by alternate dividers. The 54 column can be reconfigured every 3rd location.

Why Rotopoint for inventory management?

ROTOPOINT provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for the secure management of a wide range of high and low usage items. Its high capacity makes it ideal for the management and control of PPE and MRO consumables.
  • Simple configuration
  • Reconfigurable
  • Carousel
  • Flexible capacity for max efficiency
  • Optimised inventory level
  • Driven by SupplyPoint software or power
  • 702 locations (max)

What is Rotopoint ?

Rotopoint is a versatile and a highly reconfigurable automated dispensing system in the form of a steel drum construction plus steel chassis with a storage capacity of 300kg (UDL) with up to 702 locations.

What are the benefits?

The Rotopoint allows flexibility, 24/7 access and various compartment size openings - that can benefit businesses managing Asset Management, Cutting Tools and much more!


How does it work?

Can be utilized as a standalone solution or incorporated as an add–on frame to existing SupplyPoint machines. Available in standard configurations which can be expanded up to 10 frames, providing up to 702 secure locations. Move dividers to create the perfect flexibility for your inventory.

Multiple compartments can be selected in a single transaction, minimizing the time required to manage large volumes of stock.

What can you store and manage within a Rotopoint?

You can store many various MRO consumables like PPE Batteries Small hand tools Abrasives Lubricants etc. and PPE.

If you have an inventory item that needs smart storage and proper management and is not listed here, please get in touch to know if we can accommodate them in this inventory solution.

Is it a suitable inventory management solution for your industry?

The security, flexibility, and functionality make the machine ideal for a multitude of industries and applications from PPE, MRO, and Metal Cutting industries.

Please get in touch with our experts to know how it can drive value to your business and get a bespoke quote.