With its innovative drum design, Rotopoint lets you spin up the item you need. Configurable column widths allow flexible storage of a wide array of items.

Product Overview

Ideal for quick access to PPE, MRO, and trackable assets, each Rotopoint frame’s steel drum has a capacity of 661 lbs. and can be divided into as many as 702 compartments.

Available with 5, 7, or 13 hatches and divisible into as many as 54 columns, up to ten Rotopoint units can be controlled by a single computer, providing a maximum of 7,020 individual compartments.

With its robust steel construction, Rotopoint will keep your Items securely locked away until they are needed, at which point Rotopoint will bring you what you ask for.

Using the VendTel User Interface, the Rotopoint Vending Machine can stand alone, join with other Rotopoint units, or join in installations mixed in with other SupplyPoint Vending Machines to serve your inventory control needs.

UNIT HEIGHT79.13 in / 2010 mm
UNIT DEPTH40.55 in / 1030 mm
UNIT WIDTH40.55 in / 1030 mm

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