Keeping the management of valuable assets secure and cost effective is one of the most significant challenges faced by organisations. The right product can address these challenges, not only by simplifying and streamlining asset management, but also by reducing costs associated with the misplacement and damage of assets. The Clear Front Locker from intelligent inventory solution leaders, SupplyPoint, provides flexible, secure and cost-effective inventory access for assets and supplies such as handheld terminals/barcode scanners, IT consumables and office supplies. Through a worldwide network of dedicated offices, SupplyPoint manufactures intelligent inventory solutions in the UK and US and has established itself as a global brand with a local presence.

Its standalone unit resolves three key challenges affecting organisations:

1.    Managing inventory cost

Better insight enables better management of assets and associated costs. The Clear Front Locker reduces inventory costs and product consumption and optimises inventory by working in conjunction with SupplyPoint’s innovative software to provide a complete audit trail. By making products available 24/7, it allows for smoother access to assets at all times and ensures that operational processes are more cost effective and seamless. It is also expandable, with the capacity for up to 10 units of differing sizes to be connected at a time, enabling organisations to adapt when inventory priorities change. In addition, cost per location is lower the more lockers an organisation has.

2.    Balancing inventory security and access

Allowing swift and secure access to products is vital to the smooth operation of many organisations, yet this needs to be matched with effective asset security. The Clear Front Locker keeps valuable products secure while also making them easily accessible to the right people at the right time. Access to the contents of each locker is restricted using username, password, biometric identification or card reader - or a combination of these options. The capacity to assign single users or entire user groups to locations provides even greater security and flexibility. Its high strength door locks are designed to ensure that they cannot be forced open in everyday use or through tampering. 

3.    Keeping asset management user-friendly

Successful asset management isn’t only about maximising stock but also simplifying use. With many organisations relying on shift patterns to maximise productivity, the locker provides employees with consistent 24/7 access to the tools that they need. Its distinctive transparent locker fronts give a direct view of assets, making it easier to assess stock levels at a glance. The added feature of an individual light within each locker provides even greater product visibility, while pop-open doors offer quick and intuitive access. As well as enabling the storage of multiple products or SKUs per locker, it also enables employees to work more efficiently by allowing them to select multiple items in one transaction. The lockers also have an optional charging feature making it easy for users to leave devices to charge (US only)

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