PPE management and its use is the new normal as we are in a challenging period globally. COVID-19 has disrupted businesses worldwide. With reports in the news on the lack of PPE, PPE being overused or abused, it’s important to protect what seems a rare commodity. Communities are sewing masks at home and ‘pitching’ in but should we even need to do that?

Not everyone is aware of Inventory Management hardware. Perhaps we are used to essential inventory being stocked in stock room cupboards, someone counting inventory physically, ordering more than we need, items being misplaced – does this sound familiar?

SupplyPoint's Intelligent Vending Hardware and Software Solutions is a leading PPE Management System

We tend to focus on hardware for inventory which is important, though it’s just as important to have flexible and secure software. What if you could have 24/7 access remotely from anywhere in the world for your solutions? Our cloud platform WebSync allows you to do this. Buy an additional subscription and you can also have EndPoint Management, a cloud based security, compliance and support service for Windows PCs, running SupplyPoint machines.

With over 6000 customers worldwide already using WebSync, find out from our customer Gruppo Grazioli why it’s important to their business especially in today's current situation: “I believe WebSync is a fundamental tool to effectively manage the vending machines we installed at our customer sites. Especially in this difficult times where some facilities are running but external suppliers or personnel are not allowed to enter, we are able to monitor in real time our customer’s stocks so that we can prepare the missing items to be shipped in time. Moreover, we can work on the databases without asking the customer to be present: new items, changes in descriptions or minimum stocks, orders managements and so on, are all operations that I’m currently able to do very easily from my home office. In addition, when an error occurs we can promptly inform the customer and work through it with the minimum effort, giving a very high customer service”

Find out more about our how our software solutions can help support your business not just today but in the future too.

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