Martin Ainge began working for SupplyPoint in November 1998 and shares his journey.

Martin tell us about your first role at SupplyPoint and what you do now?

Everything! I was doing a multitude of roles from buying parts, building and installing machines and

taking service calls. My role now as Operations Manager involves the day to day management of 5 direct

and 18 indirect reports, and in a nutshell making sure products are built on time, packed and shipped

to our customers.

How have you seen SupplyPoint grow and change?

Over the years our management structures have changed, we’ve grown from one person

to now 150+ people globally, our physical base has grown from 1 unit in Wigston U.K. to 8

locations internationally these include: UK, US, Italy, Germany, India, China, Brazil, Benelux

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

I think for me personally to see SupplyPoint grow, to grow with it (and still be here!) and to be part

of a successful business.

What 3 attributes are important to starting a career here at SupplyPoint?

• Work hard and have fun while you are doing your job

• Be willing to learn

• Go above and beyond – punctuality

Who were SupplyPoint’s first customers?

Cromwell and Kennemetal

Well done to Martin on 20 years at SupplyPoint – what a brilliant achievement!


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