Metalworking solutions on the cutting edge for managing its tools and components.

Using intelligent metalworking solutions is all about cost savings. This is the heart of the matter, whether you’re in manufacturing, MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations), warehousing, medical, or any of the myriad of fields where it’s applied.

In most cases, intelligent tool management is about the simple tracking of simple flows: where is your stuff going, who has it, and why do they have it? Items come into the system and then are taken out for use, never to return.

And that’s a great approach if every item removed is completely used. Your metalworking solution ensures availability and provides accountability for that use. Mission accomplished.

But what if the item removed isn’t completely used? What if it’s taken for one job, partially consumed, and then used, untracked, on another? What if it’s exchanged between operators? Losing track of these operations could be giving up profit and savings. And nowhere is this truer than in cutting tools.

Imagine if you will a drill, removed from a vending machine and put to use. But the drill is not completely consumed, and the operator sets it aside to use on their machinery for the next task. The first job absorbs the complete cost of the drill and the second absorbs none of the cost, so that your sense of job costs is inaccurate. These might tend to average out over time, but you’re probably not interested in averages.

Or imagine that same drill, having been put to full use, but able to be sharpened and used again. Or that drill not living up to its specifications and having to be scrapped. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the most out of your metal-cutting tools? Wouldn’t it be nice to know, when your tooling fails to meet expectations, why this is the case?

A cutting-edge metalworking solution can help you get the most out of your cutting edges (and surfaces) by:
  • Issuing tools by content type. Is this tool brand new, or has it been gently used and returned for later use?
  • Controlling new and used issues by forcing the consumption of used items first. Why start wearing down a new tool when the used one is serviceable?
  • Tracking what happens to tools after they’ve been fully used. Can they be reworked and returned to service, or must they be scrapped?
  • Giving you information to understand why tools fail. Is there a defect in the manufacture? A flaw in your machinery? An unaddressed training issue?

If your intelligent inventory management solution can’t help you with these things, it can’t help you get the most out of your tooling.

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