One year in at SupplyPoint

When I started working for SupplyPoint a year ago, I had no idea what a vending machine for tools was…well, I knew what a vending machine was, but I didn’t know what one looked like for cutting tools, MRO and PPE.

I remember the first time my now boss Mark Peers, showed me around our Rugby office and my eyes lit up. He laughed and said, ‘I didn’t think you’d really be interested in vending’ and I laughed and replied, ‘neither did I – why doesn’t everyone have one of these?!’

A year on in my role as Marketing Manager at SupplyPoint, I have been fascinated at the types of end users we deliver to and what that means for their business. For many businesses, we ease the stress of inventory management by simply reducing the time spent on counting stock. One example I remember from meeting a customer recently was how it took him 1-2 hours a week to go through his stock and now it takes him 5-10mins. Now in the immediate thought, you probably don’t think that’s a lot of time, but accrued over a month, that’s anywhere from half a day to a day in a month you spend ordering inventory. In addition to that you could be storing more than you need to. You physically have to go round and count your stock, you then realise you are out of stock and you need it for a job that’s urgent, your costs are never going down, employees may be using more products than they need to be, and you have no way of tracking who uses what.

To my initial surprise, what we do does exactly that – inventory management. You can trace who uses what, cut down on your purchasing time, get automated reminders of when stock is low, set up your inventory to your needs and what’s more, it reduces your costs.

You can fit anything from drill bits, screwdrivers, safety gloves, ear plugs to tea, coffee and stationery, non-drug related medical, the list is endless with our solutions. Now I don’t know about you, but if I’m using high/low-end value products, I want to know whose using it and when. I want to make sure that we restock when we need to, I’m increasing productivity internally and to be frank, I’m saving the business money.

Ultimately, we empower people to have access to their product 24/7 – we remove barriers and help people like you to enhance your productivity and make your job easier. In a world driven by technology, we keep things simple but never stop innovating to deliver the best products to market.

As for the future, we are preparing to launch two brand new inventory products. I have loved my first year at SupplyPoint from rebranding the business image internally and externally, working with all our teams globally, getting out and meeting our customers and we are only really getting started in marketing – what a great position to be in.


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