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Submitted by Admin on Mon, 08/27/2018 - 09:54

When KM TOOL brought the SupplyPoint system into our facility, the vending machine was intended for our business purposes. Ordering and restocking were still being done manually. The suggestion was made to use the SupplyPoint software for automatic ordering. We started with a vending machine in our milling department, and we then had a second machine installed for our turning department.
The SupplyPoint system helped systemactally arrange and store items in a central location. Additionally, the overall footprint was greatly reduced due to the storage area being condensed into one central location, which opened up space on the shop floor. Automated reports provided traceability by helping all shifts understand what items had been withdrawn — indicating the who, when and which machine to which the item had been issued. The ability to chart this data using reports also enhanced the quoting process to better understand cost drivers in manufacturing.

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