Managing PPE with SupplyPoint couldn't be easier. We have a range of solutions - perfect to keep in a central location as well as satellite locations, employee entry positions, canteens etc. Reduce consumption of uncontrolled PPE  which drives up your spending.

Are you a part of the a healthcare organisations such as the NHS (UK), private hospitals or any other government sector?

Are you working in an environment where employees need managed PPE?

Are you trying to reduce cost and manage PPE? 

Whether it's face masks, face shields, gloves, aprons, clean rooms items or safety glasses - we've got you covered. 

Our Rotopoint a carousel solution, offers up-to a maximum of 468 locations, perfect for your smaller or longer items.

Our Clear Front Locker  available as a single column locker or a 3 bay locker both are perfect for face shields, or larger items.


Get in touch with our team to find out which product is best for your business.

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