Keep it Simple

The SIMPLICITY of design in our VendTel User Interface makes it easy to learn, though with no reduction in the powerful configurability, SupplyPoint is known for.


VendTel software, included with all SupplyPoint solutions, makes it easy and fast for users to get exactly what they need. It was recently launched to work the way users want.

Easy Managment

VendTel makes it easy for managers to see exactly what is in their inventory, and take fast action to order, move and evaluate.

Optimize Together

If you choose, VendTel can provide data to your suppliers, so they can help you optimize cost savings, together.

Easy Maintenance

SupplyPoint makes maintenance easy, too, with automatic software updates that keep everything secure and even improves features over time.

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  • "Did you know that organisations can save between 25 - 40% by adding one of our intelligent inventory solutions? Intelligent inventory reduces walk-away times, increase productivity and helps to reduce cost.."

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