Control Efficiency 

Time is Money

With their SPEED, SupplyPoint Vending Machines allow your workers to get what they need quickly, meaning less time spent gathering materials and more time spent getting the job done, benefiting both your customers and the bottom line.

Less Retrieval Time

With supplies near the work, workers spend less time retrieving the items they need.

Built for Speed

Every SupplyPoint solution is engineered to speed up transactions, from the software users interact with, to the hardware itself dispensing quickly.

No More Waiting

With a transparent view into your inventory, on a per-item basis, shortages and outages are a thing of the past. No more waiting to work.

More Focus

With precise counts and controls, workers have no need to manage a personal inventory of items they need. They’re free to focus on work.

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  • "Did you know that organisations can save between 25 - 40% by adding one of our intelligent inventory solutions? Intelligent inventory reduces walk-away times, increase productivity and helps to reduce cost.."

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