What is WebSync?
WebSync is a cloud based platform and service that allows you to manage your SupplyPoint vending machines from anywhere in the world, through a convenient web interface. With WebSync you can view and edit data for a SupplyPoint vending machine as well as create and run new and existing reports and setup automated tasks for the vending machine.

Why WebSync?
To provide distributors and customers a simple and easy way to operate and manage their SupplyPoint vending machines. SupplyPoint WebSync benefits stakeholders throughout the supply chain, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

What are the benefits?

WebSync Benefits

How does it work?
The SupplyPoint vending machine simply needs to subscribe to the WebSync platform via the websync agent that runs on the vending machine PC. The agent will synchronize the vending data with the SupplyPoint WebSync platform every 10 minutes. Billing can be done monthly or annually. The service can also be quickly disabled from the platform by the SupplyPoint team at any time if necessary. Below are additional details. Data access can be controlled via user groups, customer groups, customers, and customer status Access to customer databases managed at sync site level, making for a much easier access control policy Force sync for immediate change propagation Data is structured to accommodate broad and granular access We only provide data access via our web applications that are secured with SSL

  • WebSync Information
  • Inventory data anytime, anywhere
  • Two-way synchronization
  • Multi-tiered access
  • No local software to install
  • Scheduled orders & reports from one central location
  • Supplemental backups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Customer databases are currently backed up every 12 hours and kept available for a minimum of 30 days
  • Platform is audited and complies with SSAE16 SOC2

IT Requirements

  • The following domains must be accessible at an end-user location for WebSync
    • *.spssync.net
    • *.supplypointsystems.net
  • The following IP block is for the above domains and may need to be white-listed in North America:
    • ( –
    • Europe: 213.95.130-209 –
    • The whole IP range must be accessible
  • All traffic is over https
  • websync illustration at supplypoint

Basic Spec info

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