Office Supplies

Every company maintains a stock of office supplies for employee use and is always monitored for any given accounting period.
They cost money and monitoring how quickly supplies are being used is really important. Supplies and stationery that are wasted without control is a waste of resources that could be spent investing in your company’s growth. SupplyPoint vending machines have helped various office establishments manage their supplies and save costs.
  • Automated dispensing of supplies
  • Keep all supplies in a central location
  • Machine act as a gatekeeper for all your supplies
  • Track and reorder system
  • Limit access to office supplies through proper identification
Case Studies
We understand one size doesn't fit all. We create custom solutions for businesses and their individual asset management needs.

Read our Case Studies to know how SupplyPoint has helped businesses save costs.
Read our Case Studies
office supplies and stationery management at SupplyPoint
Why manage your office supplies?
Office supplies get expensive over time and if there is no track of items being used, these purchasing costs accumulate affecting the profits of the company, especially for large organizations.
  • High organization of your supplies
  • Real-time stock reporting
  • Automated dispensing saves time
  • Replace manual inventory logs with automated reports
  • Exactly know who has been using how much
Managing your office inventory and keeping the waste under control can not only help you save costs but also ensure that you have all the supplies you need when you need them.