ROTOPOINT provides a scalable and cost effective solution for the secure management of a wide range of high and low usage items. It’s high capacity makes it ideal for the management and control of PPE and MRO consumables.


Product Specifications
  • Simple configuration
  • Reconfigurable
  • Carousel
  • Flexible capacity for max efficiency
  • Optimised inventory level
  • Driven by SupplyPoint software or power
  • 702 locations (max)

All products offer:

  • SupplyPoint software
  • 24/7availability
  • Reduced product consumption
  • Improved productivity
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Optimised Inventory
  • Convenience and simplicity

Watch the Rotopoint video here: (Please note this is an older version of our video)

For more information or product dimensions on the Rotopoint, please feel free to download our product datasheet

  • Rotopoint
  • 702 Locations Drum

Basic Spec info